While I have a free moment…

At about 5:50 this morning, I awoke in a muggy hostel room accompanied by my two weekend travel companions, Christian and Zoe. I am currently under the weather with a sore throat and a prospering cough to go with it, but I was just too damn eager to see the beautiful, colonial Granada. We arrived sometime around 6 pm last night off a US $1 bus from Managua. We hoofed it around the main square and off of accompanying side roads to track down some local hostel prices. Our program director had recommended one named “Lazy Bones,” but Christian figured out that hostel was in León, another city all together. We excitedly settled into “The Oasis,” which is fit with a community kitchen, plenty of hammocks, free tea and coffee, AND (here’s the kicker) a POOL! For $10 a night, we are sharing a reasonably sized, clean room with three beds and a community bathroom. Here’s a link to the hostel (http://www.nicaraguahostel.com/

For dinner last night we headed to La Calzada, Granada’s equivalent to a bustling down town area, except minus the bustling for now. We dinned at a typical, Nicaragua style restaurant, where the waiter asked “Have I seen you before? I think I’ve seen you in Granada before…This isn’t your first time, is it?” Real original. I ordered a delicious bowl of chicken soup (< US $2) to soothe my aching throat. Nicaragua is very modest about their soups, but I have had some of the best soup in my life here. Veggies, broth, big hunks of meat (chicken, beef, or seafood)… I am in love.

We headed back to the hostel for a nice dip in the pool before we left for the night. We confirmed that I can not swim as far as my friends underwater because I just float to the top and I can’t stay deep under the surface. This is a problem that I have dealt with since childhood and something that I have always blamed on my my mother. I mean, we may not look very much alike, but the floatation device that is my behind clearly comes from her. I love you mom! (This is especially disheartening as I was planning on learning to scuba dive from one of our bar regulars upon my return to Texas. Maybe I can overcome my current disposition.)

We were in the middle of contemplating whether to go out for the night when BOOM, the hammock that Zoe was sitting in broke and toppled her over onto the unforgiving cement floor. Her leg was pretty beat up and a kind, British women came out to make sure it wasn’t broken. She prescribed 3 aspirin and some ice for the time being. We have plans to rent bikes for the day and explore the Granada area and I’m hoping she’ll be up for it!

Since I have been on this trip, I have been thinking about some plans for the future. What do I want to do next summer? What do I want to do the summer after that? What kind of internship do I want to find for spring semester 2013?

In chronological order, here are a few things I have come up with:

I would really like to find an 8 credit, paying internship next semester working in either public relations, promoting, event planning, marketing, or advertising in the Georgetown/Austin area. I would really enjoy working with a festival or music venue, a website, or any interesting business I suppose. I’m incredibly excited to start looking at what is available and researching my opportunities!

This brings me to next summer. I don’t think I will be able to wing studying abroad again while still receiving the credits that I need in order to graduate in 2014. But, I do have the summers to work with. I would like to find an internship abroad, either staying in a single country or a traveling internship. Or even a temporary job that allowed me to expand my language skills or learn a new one. Ideally, If the internship angle doesn’t work, I’ve gladly considered being an Au Pair or teaching English abroad. Since, I have been in Nicaragua, I’ve found myself day dreaming about the next adventure. Where could I go next? What could I do? How could I sustain my love for travel, while improving my job experience outside of the restaurant world, and paying my bills?

I really don’t know the answes to these questions just yet, but I can’t wait to figure out what they are!

This brings me to the current biggest question I have: What do I want to do after I graduate? 

Some of you (Bailey), might just be laughing at me. “You’re in fall semester of your Junior year. You have so much time before you have to figure that out!” Well, if you know me, you know that I like to plan things out. (In August, I was trying to my best friends to tell me what their holiday plans are…) 

But, seriously, I am really considering what my possibilities could be and where they could take me. Do I want to find a serious job right out of college? Could I find a grown-up traveling job right out of college? Do I want to Au Pair or teach English abroad long term? Christian mentioned a job that his brother had as an adventure leader in Central America where you lead people through hikes, take them dancing, and take them surfing or climbing. The requirements include being fluent in Spanish and having lived in Central America for an extended period of time. I mean, that sounds like something I could do for quite some time!

If anyone has any recommendations or ideas, I will gladly listen!



One thought on “While I have a free moment…

  1. Ilene Lowry says:

    Hi Sweetheart,
    You could also check with the embassy in different countries to see if they have a program where you could earn your credits while working.

    Or get a job for a travel magazine! I think you’d be great at that and you’d be paid to travel all over!
    Thank you again for your blog. Grampa and I enjoyed it immensely!

    Love you.

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